Warranty and Return Policy

The customer has the right to the warranty within 24 hours of purchasing of the facebook account on our website in the following circumstances: and we will proceed with a new replacement.

Warrenty will be accepted for the following Facebook accounts:

  • Login attempt failed (Wrong UID, wrong password, wrong 2FA code)
  • Account with restricted advertisements (Cannot create Ads, Cannot Create BM)
  • Personal Ads Account Previously Disabled/Restricted.

Warrenty will be rejected for the following Facebook accounts:

  • The account is got disabled after you've run ads.
  • The account is restricted from advertising by creating ads campaign, Add card, register business manager by yourself.
  • The account got disabled after your uses ( Such as you did run campaign - you try to change info of the account - you try to spam from the account)
  • Account is checkpointed after logging in or changing account information.
  • Account Limit/Threshold is reduced after adding card or changing time zone, currency.

Warrenty will be accepted for the following Facebook Business Managers:

  • Access to the invite link for BM is not accessable (invitation link error, expired)
  • Business Manager is restricted from advertising from before.
  • Business Manager ads account is disabled from before.
  • For Business Verification: If the business manager verification go revoked within 5 day you get warranty.

Warrenty will be rejected for the following Facebook Business Managers:

  • In Business manager you've created campaign.
  • In Business manager ads accounts you have added your payment method.
  • You run a campaign in the bm.
  • You have created pixel in the business manager or you shared from another business manager.
  • Business Manager threshold dropped.

This is our warranty and return policy; the most important aspect of it is that once you have purchased something from us, we are unable to give you a refund of the money, but if any of our items have any problems, we are ready to replace them instantly.

And the MOST INTERESTING part is that once you buy something from us, you get a lifetime support gurantee. This means that if the Facebook account, the Bm account, or whatever it was that you bought gets restricted, disabled, or dies, we will support you without charging you a single penny to get back those accounts.

You can reach us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about our return policy.