Facebook Verified Business Manager (Verified With Real Documents) - Limit 50$ (Random Country)

18 pcs.
$ 100.00


➤ The Business Manager is verified with the original company document.

➤ The daily spending limit is $50.

➤ As it is verified with the company, the daily spending limit and ad account creation limit are increased faster then any other BMs.

➤ We gurantee 5 day for verification revoked. (It doesn't mean it'll be revoked after 5 day) but that's our policy.

➤ Country random (Usa-Asia-Europe)

 ➤ You can share pixel to this BM

 ➤ Active and ready to use

1 invitation links is included in the purchase . You need to connect the Business Manager to an active Facebook Account in order to use.
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Keep in mind:

If you have any questions/queries about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time. Have a good day.



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