Published on January 14, 2023

How To Login Facebook Accounts Properly

Note: Do not create any BMS with these profiles now.  Profile will directly get restricted, We won't gurantee if the profiles get restricted after opening BM. So It is better to buy a BM and Use it on the profile rather then creating on the profile.


Navigate to settings and check if there's a phone number added to the account. If there is, ensure you delete that number!


⚠️ If you manage any Business Managers from the profiles you've bought, make sure to read this post:  ( Must Needed )


♾ Our Accounts comes in this format:  Username | Password | 2FA Key | Email Access | Hotmail Recovery (Getnada) | Date of Birth


Let's say we sent an account that looks like this: ⬇️

100031977054366|JESSEPINKMAN^^|6WMEO45WYIVUQRHIG2QQ6V2PHDT5QLKJ|[email protected]|Pro9999888|[email protected]|06/29/1955


• That means the first one :100031977054366 is Username

• 2nd: JESSEPINKMAN^^ is Password


• fourth: [email protected]|Pro9999888 is the email address that added tothe account and password of the email.

• fifth is: k[email protected] is Hotmail recovery email (it'll need when you login to hotmail)

• The sixth is: 06/29/1955 (account birthdate).


⚡ It is more preferable to use 'Antidetect Browser and Proxies.


  • how to login on the accounts? Must follow these 5 steps.
  1. Go to
  2. Paste Username and Password
  3. Go to
  4. Paste 2FA Key in the first box and you’ll get a 6 digit Code
  5. Paste that code in facebook and you’ll login successfully


After successfully logging in, don't logout from the accounts. Never Reset/Forgot password of the accounts, if you face any issues, let us know we’ll fix the problem. - don't try anything by your own, if facebook force to change password let us know before doing any sort of actions.


Our account is secured. But, we strongly suggest that you change the Facebook account password after 5 days of your login,  you can change the Hotmail password instantly upon login, and remove any recovery email addresses from the Hotmail account. You can add your Gmail, Yahoo, or any other permanent email address as a recovery email address of hotmail right now after login. This will help to ensure that you have full control over your accounts and that you do not have to worry about us accessing them.


Change facebook password and hotmail password using this 2 link below:

  • Change Facebook Password from here to avoid lock issue: Click Here
  • Change Hotmail password from here: Click Here

If you do not follow our recommendations, we do not guarantee that we will be able to replace your goods or return the money.